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The focus of the research in our laboratory is conserving genetic diversity in wild and captive populations of fish and wildlife. We view genetics as an important tool in the conservation biology toolbox, providing managers and biologists with answers that help guide management decisions. In order to make our research directly applicable to on-the-ground conservation, we are working closely with agencies to identify critical research needs for native species and to translate our results into management actions. As new technologies become available to conservation geneticists, we are beginning to apply genomic approaches to better understand biodiversity.

Latest News

It’s field season!

It has been a good field season so far. In May, Meghan traveled to work with Dave Brinker from Maryland Department of Natural Resources in Pennsylvania. There, they caught and banded eleven goshawks and one sharp-shinned hawk. This included the sixth oldest goshawk ever recorded! Then, at the end of June, Meghan flew out to Albuquerque New Mexico to sample urban and rural Cooper’s hawks with Brian Millsap (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service). They trapped 28 birds total in one week: 9 adults and 19 fledgling young. Now it’s off to northern New York for another round of trapping and banding Accipiters.

Pulling blood

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